Sidekick Plumbing Warranty Terms:

  1. Our plumbing service company warrants its workmanship for a period of X (indicated on receipt) from the date of completion, unless otherwise specified. This warranty covers defects in the materials used and the work performed by Sidekick Plumbing Inc during the specified warranty period.
  2. This warranty does not cover issues arising from:
    1. Misuse or improper maintenance of the plumbing system by the customer or any other parties.
    2. Neglect, including failure to follow our recommended care and maintenance instructions.
    3. Subsequent repairs, modifications, or alterations performed by anyone other than our plumbing service company without prior written consent.
  3. Damages caused by external factors beyond our control, including natural disasters, accidents, vandalism, or any other events deemed as force majeure.
  4. To make a warranty claim, the customer must promptly notify Sidekick Plumbing of any issues or defects covered under this warranty.
  5. Upon receiving a warranty claim, Sidekick Plumbing Inc will make reasonable efforts to remedy the issue. This may include, at our sole discretion, repairing or replacing the defective parts or re-performing the necessary work to rectify the problem.
  6. Our warranty obligations are subject to the following conditions:
    1. The customer must have made full payment for the services rendered and any additional charges before the warranty claim is submitted.
    2. The customer must provide Sidekick Plumbing Inc with reasonable access to the premises and plumbing systems to evaluate and address the warranty claim.
    3. Our warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the property. However, the warranty remains subject to the original warranty period and conditions outlined in this document.
  7. Any repairs or replacements performed under this warranty do not extend the original warranty period. The warranty remains effective for the initial warranty period from the date of completion.
  8. Sidekick Plumbing reserves the right to assess the warranty claim and determine the appropriate course of action. We may request an inspection before resolving the warranty issue.

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